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The Voice

There is an inaudible voice of The Wild. This voice calls out to each of us in a different tone, but we all perceive its notes. Some hear it as a call to action that stirs wanderlust in their hearts, while others are commanded to remain tranquil and satisfied in the moment. The voice urges some to put aside the ways of new and pursue a life more natural. Still others need only to occasionally sample the bounty of The Wild, so as to live in its memory while existing in a world that has forsaken its past purity.

We are each individually moved. Our personal motives are not of importance. What matters is that we listen, collectively. Most pertinent is that we recognize that the call we all hear is the same. We must protect the call. Protect what is wild and pure! Ensure the continued existence of those native places, the spectacular vistas, those soul-cleansing localities so that our descendants will hear and listen to the voice of The Wild in perpetuity. Now is not the time for cross-examination, rather the moment for unity. We must all convene for the common cause of The Wild. Details will divide. Unity is key.

Listen to The Wild. Answer The Wild. Protect The Wild.

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