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Icons of The Midwest

Many hearts have been broken and dreams turned to reality beneath the branches of a majestic Cottonwood. Their growth is massive and methodical. Strong limbs extend from immovable trunks that connect to deep life-giving roots. The strongest of winds and dryest of droughts have left many to deadfall, but the most regal majesties still reach for the heavens, arms raised for many generations to admired.

These brutes also tell the narrative

of another cherished life. They mark the path of kindred spirits. These plains are also patrolled by monarchs of the cervid kind. Every where you find one the other is sure to follow. They may sometimes live in separate biomes but, where the two coexist, it is as it is supposed to be. Giant trees give cover to the Whitetailed Ghosts of the prairie. One an aged fellow who oversees many generations, the other an ember burning hot for a fleeting few years. Both strong in their own way. The story of one is the tale of the other.

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