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Deep Reverence

As canyon walls plunge deep into pools of turquoise and turbulence, a cooling mist hits the hot boulders along the recently shaded shoreline. A large orange and black Salmonfly falters after a grueling emergence from its watery shelter. It flutters on the surface. Watchful eyes from a hidden lie do not let this mistake go unnoticed. A large green head with cheeks of red nods in approval as it gulps down the bird-sized insect with authority.

This age-old act does not go unseen. An observant onlooker is keen to this glistening prize as a gaudy fly is tied onto tippet by hands quaking with anticipation.

False cast right, over the still reflective waters. Cast directly upstream with an aerial mend. Only the offering will be seen by the one below.

A ripple of peace erupts into a swell of turmoil as the fish takes! The angler lifts his rod as the tip symultaniously plummets almost to the waters surface. Violent head-shakes ensue, followed by fierce tugs. Experienced, but excited arms manuver the pole as the trophy shows his true might. Crimson and jade dance with refraction as the fight persists to a pinnacle.

Man and fish meet. Their eyes fixed on one another. A moment of reverence. A memory to reflect on. For a lifetime.

As the trout departs to his deep sanctuary, the man bows his countenance. He prays for the perpetuity of the fish and its kin.

A timeless scenario that, for a few fleeting moments, we were blessed to observe and partake in as anglers.The Salmonfly hatch of the Black Canyon is indescribable. #keepitpublic

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