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The Element

Tyler Jones | K.C. Smith

What is Your Element?

We aim to inspire others to take the next step in their outdoor life by sharing what we do, the wild places we love, and the majestic game we pursue! Follow along and listen in as we relentlessly produce high quality stories and helpful information in our videos and podcasts.

Deadly Duo
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones

A former standout Safety at SMU and lead singer of 'Tyler and the Tribe.' He may not say it often, but this family-man is a champ at everything he does. That includes hunting trophy Whitetails. With a wall full of Pope and Young class bucks, he is a man who has accomplished a lot and says little about it. Tyler is a guy who brags on his kids and wife long before he tells you about how many mature bucks he has arrowed. A Christ follower, creative thinker, and hard worker. Tyler lives in East Texas where he helps operate a construction business and is also a successful wedding videographer. In his most recent accomplishment, Tyler took his filming skills to the tree stand where he self-filmed the harvest of a beautiful mature Kansas buck. You can catch the whole story at the FULL DRAW FILM TOUR 2017 in his film "One Eyed Jack."


K.C. Smith


Everybody's friend.  That's what you see when you hang out with K.C. Smith.  A passionate man who is also serious about taking care of his family.  He has a servant's heart and his eyes light up with 50% youthful exuberance and the other half is a crazy woodsman.  That inner child is what makes him fond of youth in his nearby community.  A Christian leader to these kids, K.C. believes he can bridge the gap of "cool young guy" and "wise old owl".  The life-style he chooses to live beside his beloved wife is his testimony to the folks he comes into contact with.  From the lightly traversed deer trail in the deep woods, to the subtle signs that a friend has had a rough day, K.C. is possibly the most observant person you could meet.  His quick mind and assertive reactions paired with decades of experience hunting and working in the outdoors make him a great hunter and fisherman.  However, its his integrity and passion that shine to most who know him.

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