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"What it's all about." Cheesy, right? Maybe. Truthful? Absolutely! Something magical happens when a big buck is brought back to camp. Acquaintances become buddies and friends become brothers. A nice rack will turn a quiet fellow into a embellished storyteller. A usually talkative man is humbled and silenced in awe of his prize.

I was swept into such an event recently. After a long and arduous recovery, a camp council arose in the presence of the trophy. A couple veterans of the prairie, two new lease members, and I all found ourselves gathered around Tyler's public land buck. As phone flashlights glistened off the antlers, we all shared stories. A few from the recent, but most on seasons past. You could feel the thick nostalgia in the air, almost radiating from where the buck lay.

Gatherings like this transpire every season across the nation. Ours was special but not unique. Those who chose to participate in nature all share in this kinship. This moment was fleeting. This moment is timeless.

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